Cooking With Magnets

What if you could cook more efficiently, using a fraction of the energy that your stove top uses, and reduce the chances of anyone in your kitchen ever burning a hand on the stove top? All you need is an induction burner so you can start cooking with magnets.
savvyhousekeeping cooking with induction stove top magnets
I learned about induction burners from this Gizmodo article. Instead of using heat from gas or electricity, induction burners use the magnetic field to heat food. A current passing through the metal of the pan generates the necessary heat.
Why should anyone bother with this? For one thing, food cooks faster on an induction burner. According to Gizmodo, “Induction burners convert about 85% of the energy you pour into them into heat, compared to about 70% for electric burners and 40% for gas.” The increased efficiency is going into the food, which means quicker cooking time. It also means lower electricity/gas bills because this method doesn’t waste as much energy.
But the weird thing, while the pan gets hot on the induction burner, the burner itself stays cool. You can touch it with your hand while you’re sizzling an egg. Fascinating.
The burners are surprisingly affordable, so much so that I was fantasizing about getting one. Here’s one for $77 and another for $119. If this became one of your chief cooking methods, you would make that money back on the gas bill in no time.

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