Comparing Airline Fees

I hate what’s happening to the airlines. Flying used to be so much more pleasant before the draconian TSA security measures, unreasonable flight times, and of course, the fees. Airlines have gone beyond just charging you for checked baggage–the last time I flew, they tried to charge me to change seats so I could sit beside my husband!
It’s getting so crazy, I opted not to fly at all this year, although I’m sure I will again in the future.
When I do, I’ll use this tool from NerdWallet that allows you to compare the fees at various airlines. I did not know, for instance, that Southwest and Jetblue Airlines don’t charge for checked luggage, while Spirit and Allegiant Airlines not only charge for checked bags, but for carry-ons as well.
Additionally, you can click on each airline and look at their overall fees, including the cost of food and drink, booking fees, Wi-Fi, and more.
What’s your favorite airline and why?

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2 thoughts on “Comparing Airline Fees”

  1. I love Southwest. I don’t fly much but when I do I always check if Southwest goes where I want to go. And I am glad they haven’t entered the fare craziness. I like the no frills common sense they provide, their all Boeing fleet, and their friendly flight attendants.

  2. Southwest hands down. I USED to think Southwest was “no frills” until I flew United (which I used to like) and Delta (which I used to LOVE) after the new airline world order kicked in… Now, knowing that I would be treated like an inconvenience by either of those last two airlines, I learned to love and appreciate the way Southwest does business. I fly across the country three or four times a year with two kids and a husband in tow— no one serves actual food anymore, anyway, so who cares if Southwest only hands out peanuts or pretzels? Their flight attendants are generally much happier seeking than their counterparts at other airlines as well. One word of caution… You will feel like you are being herded onto the plane as Southwest does not have assigned seats (you line up by boarding pass number, and the seats are first come first serve). Buy the $10 option when purchasing tickets to ensure you are closer to the front of the line in Group A. If you have kids, don’t sweat it. Someone will move so you can sit together. No one yet has volunteered to watch my kids for me while I sat somewhere else…


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