Cold Frame from an Old Window

savvyhousekeeping cold rame recycled window
Every January, we get a burst of good weather for a few days and it feels like spring all of a sudden. And even though I know it’s not gardening time, it is so tempting to plant. (I weeded instead.)
But you can start seedlings around now, either indoors or in a cold frame like this one from Instructables, which is recycled from an old window. The window acts like a little greenhouse to protect the seedlings from the cold. (Via

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3 thoughts on “Cold Frame from an Old Window”

  1. Oh! So nice to see green grass. I know there is grass in my yard somewhere…under 3 feet of snow. *sigh* Another 6 weeks, and I can start my seedling indoors.
    A greenhouse would make me so happy…somewhere I have plans to build one, but need more land first.


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