Clutter is Procrastination

Somewhere I read that phrase, “clutter is procrastination” and something clicked in my brain. For me, this is absolutely true. All week, I have been paying attention to when I allow things to remain out instead of putting them away, and it is almost always with the thought that I will “get to it later.” That’s procrastination in its most basic form.
And as with all procrastination, putting things off means more work in the future, and often in much more unpleasant circumstances. It is easier to work ahead on something than to do it at the last minute. Similarly, it is easier to put things away as you use them than to let them pile up and become a big mess that you have to spend hours cleaning up.
All week, I’ve been changing “Clutter is Procrastination” to myself and I’m finding it’s making me more aware of when clutter starts, and why. That, in turn, is leading to a cleaner house. Magic!
What things motivate you to keep clutter under control?

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2 thoughts on “Clutter is Procrastination”

  1. While I have a hard time applying that to clutter (or not putting things away), I have the same thought process when traveling and facing a statement like “oh this looks cute, we can come back later”. Almost never happens. So as soon as I am tempted to think I’d come back to a place later, I try to go there right then and there as much as possible, or take a written note of it. Most of the time, it’s not worth a special visit later and at least you feel like you fed into what you were attracted to. Check!


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