Child's Menagerie Chairs and Table

How cute are these Child’s Menagerie Chairs and Table? I particularly like the table, but the chairs are cute too:

From the site:

All pieces are finished with a water-borne, non-toxic natural varnish to protect the wood and ensure that the pieces can be easily wiped clean of fingerprints (and peanut butter & jelly).

This set is on the pricey side–$198 for the chairs and $238 for the table, or $598 for the table and two chairs. Pretty adorable, though. [Ohdeedoh]

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2 thoughts on “Child's Menagerie Chairs and Table”

  1. I don’t think I would call it pricey. You must remember, it looks handmade- Not so pricey if you consider that and it looks like “Heirloom” quality furniture. And it will probably outlast cheap childrens’ furniture by years.


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