Chickens and Your Pets

One of the questions people are asking me about getting chickens is: how do I think they will get along with our two cats? My answer: not very well! The cats are going to want to eat the chickens, especially when they are little. However, I think we can handle it because:
a. Cats can be trained not to do something and
b. Full-grown chickens are bigger than cats and tend to intimidate them.
So once the chickens are grown up, I think the cats will know to leave them alone. Dogs, however, are a different story. They can be relentless in their desire to kill and eat your pet chickens.
However, there is hope. The Dog Whisperer recently dealt with a dog that had killed two of the family chickens. In the below clip, he goes over a basic technique for training your pet to leave the chickens alone:

To tell the truth, I’m not so sure how successful the Dog Whisperer was here, but hey, at least he got an egg for his troubles.

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1 thought on “Chickens and Your Pets”

  1. In my experience, trying to train a cat to do anything is difficult, like trying to wrangle kittens.
    How many chickens does it take to change a cat? One- but the cat has to want to change.


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