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It is time for me to buy checks again. Although I try to use online payment for paying bills as much as possible, sometimes you still have to write a check. So I called my bank and learned they wanted $20 for one box, or 150 checks, making it about $.13 a check. Plus they wanted me to come in and order them in person, which seemed like a hassle. Could I do better?
I did a Google search and discovered that there are lots of website devoted to selling personal checks. Not only that, they vary in pricing. I went through some of the most common sites and did a cost analysis of the check prices. I compared the basic check without duplicates. Here is what I found out:
Vista Print: $2.50 for 25 checks = $.10/check
Designer Checks: $22 for two boxes, or 250 checks = $.09/check
Checks in the Mail: $10 for 1 box or 125 checks = $.08/check
Artistic Checks: $11 for 1 box, or 150 checks = $.07/check
Check Works: $9 for 1 box, or 150 checks = $.06/check
I went with Check Works. One thing I liked about them, aside from being the cheapest, is that they charge the same price for any design. Artistic Checks, for example, can charge you as much as $20 for a box of checks if you go with their fancier designs, which is the same as the bank. I bought some checks with clouds on them.

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