Cheap But Romantic Dates

I haven’t mentioned Valentine’s Day on here because I’m going out to dinner and spending a lot more than I should. However, it’s true that it’s just as memorable to make your own fun for Valentine’s Day. Here are some cheap-but-romantic dates that have worked for me:
* You cook something you’ve never tried/made before and you eat it by candlelight
* He cooks you a romantic dinner and you eat it by candlelight
* You spend the day (or evening) in bed
* You go on a hike and have a picnic
* You go to the beach and have a picnic
* You have a picnic in your living room, preferably in front of a fire
* You get in the car and drive to a town/place you’ve never been before
* You try a new sport together, like ice skating or kayaking
* You put on some old music and dance in the living room
* You get a fondue pot from the thrift store and make fondue
* You buy a bottle of fancy liquor and have a glass in front of the fire
* You buy a fancy dessert and eat it in some sexy fashion
There’s some ideas. What dates have worked for you?

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3 thoughts on “Cheap But Romantic Dates”

  1. We take turns making a homemade dinner and do some sort of day activity. This year, we are going to a chocolate and wine festival in the central valley. We will hop from winery to winery tasting chocolate and wine.
    In the evening, I will be making a green salad with fruit, nuts, and dijon dressing, homemade apple butternut squash soup, and both vegetarian and meat eaters ham and cheese croissants, served with a sweet reisling (I order my croissant dough from Williams Sonoma – highly recommended). For dessert, I am ordering a decadent cake for pick up on Friday from a local bakery. The celebrating won’t end on Saturday. On Monday, we plan to go saucering and snow shoeing near Lake Tahoe and pack a picnic lunch in this awesome picnic pack hat this really great couple gave us! :)Yay!

  2. I love your blog. Although not cooking related, your blog is just as refreshing. I nominated you for the Lemonade award. Come by and claim your award!


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