Champagne Punch

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(Image courtesy Gourmet)
Later today I’m going to the thrift store to see if I can pick up a punch bowl on the cheap. If I can, I will surely be making champagne punch for New Year’s tomorrow. I love champagne punch. I mean, come on, it is a combination of sangria and champagne cocktails, two things I’m a big fan of.
Obviously, there are some horrible champagne punches out there, gross neon things with marschino cherries floating in them. Here is a video that explains how to make champagne punch the right way. It’s worth watching, although the tone is a little snotty and there’s an ad in the beginning. Still, it’s informative:

Here are some recipes I’m considering:
* The recipe from the video
* Citrus Champagne Punch
* Gourmet’s Champagne Punch, pictured above.
* And another one from Gourmet
Happy 2010!

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