Champagne Cocktail Round-Up

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Given that champagne cocktails are my favorite, it’s surprising that I haven’t done more with them on this blog. Champagne by itself is great, but doctor it up with some liqueurs and juice and it can be amazing.
So, in light of that, here’s a Champagne Cocktail Round-Up that I’ve made up or featured so far:
Shrinking Violet Cocktail. Champagne and Crème De Violette Liqueur.
Kumquat Cocktails. Three variations on a cocktail using champagne and kumquats.
Lemon Lavender Cocktail. Limoncello, gin, champagne, and lavender flowers to garnish.
Cherries Jubilee Champagne Cocktail. Bourbon, champagne, and frozen cherries.
Pear Bellini. Grappa, champagne, and pear juice.
French 75. This New Year’s post includes a recipe for my favorite champagne cocktail, the French 75, which is made with gin, simple syrup, and, of course, champagne.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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