Chalkboard Serving Tray

Here’s another great DIY Christmas gift idea: turn an old or ugly serving tray into a hip one by spraying it with chalkboard spray.
This will work on a frame or a porcelain platter or a silver platter or any number of other flat surfaces.
To make the serving tray, tape off the part of the platter you don’t want to be chalkboard and paint the rest with appropriate chalkboard paint. Read the manufacturer directions to make sure a. that the paint can work on the surface you’re painting (wood, porcelain, metal, etc.) and b. whether it is safe to put food on it.

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3 thoughts on “Chalkboard Serving Tray”

  1. Funny about the warnings that food should not come in contact with the chalkboard paint—note the clever use of parchment paper. Seems like there’s a market opportunity here for food-safe paint (does such a thing exist?).

  2. Yeah there’s totally a market there. It’s hard to say how dangerous chalkboard paint really is, or whether the company is being cautious to avoid lawsuits. There is apparently a water-based chalkboard paint that is more likely to be food safe, which would be worth checking out. Another website suggests using “a nontoxic food-safe clear coat (available at craft stores) on top of chalkboard painted plates and platters.” Not sure what that would do to the chalkboard part of it, though.


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