Have you ever wondered where your cat does all day? I have. But we don’t have to wonder anymore, we can just buy a CatCam instead. It’s a camera that goes around your cat’s neck and records its daily activities. At the end of the day, you can plug the camera into your computer and upload images of what your cat has been up to.
The camera costs about $50 and is supposed to be sturdy, i.e. “shock resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant, and theft resistant.”
There’s also a pretty fascinating photo gallery that lets you see sample photos from people’s cats. Some examples:

I have a feeling the novelty of the CatCam would wear off after awhile, but it’s almost worth it to see what my cat is doing during the day.
Than again, considering my cat’s eccentric personality, maybe I am better off not knowing…

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  1. I have to laugh…I’m not sure how many footage hours I can handle of my cats sleeping on my bedspread…literally all they do.


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