Cat Box Cover

The cat box has been an eye sore in my bathroom for awhile now. Just look at it.

With Savvy Junior veering toward crawling soon (and getting into things), I wanted something that would cover the cat box, look nice in the room, and double as a bench.
The problem was that our cat box was too wide for most furniture designed to cover cat boxes. I looked all over at chests, baskets, and boxes that I could cut a hole in the side, but nothing worked. They were either too big for the space or too expensive.
So I asked my dad to make me one as a Christmas present, and he did! Here it is.

I’m happy with it. It matches the dark stain we’re using in the bathroom and fits perfectly beside the toilet. It has no bottom, so it simply sits over the box. When we want to change the cat box, we either lift the cover off entirely, or lift the lid.

The cats seem to like it, too.

Now to tackle a better way to store toilet paper…

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