Buttered Beer

The last Harry Potter movie is coming out on Friday. One of the things that stick in my mind about those books is the butterbeer that the characters are always drinking. In one interview, author JK Rowling said that she imagines it “to taste a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch.”
Turns out, Butterbeer is not exactly something Rowling made up. In fact, according to Historical Foods, “Buttered Beer” has been around since 1664.
It’s not the wondrous drink that Rowling describes, but the recipe makes me curious nevertheless. The original Buttered Beer recipe is beer, butter, brown sugar, liquorish root, anise seeds, and an egg yolk that is cooked together and served warm. (If using raw eggs worries you, you can get pasteurized eggs in the grocery store. Or raise your own.) Gross or Intriguing? I can’t decide.
Click on Historical Foods to see two recipes for Buttered Beer.

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