Bistro Salad

While the Bistro Salad isn’t my favorite salad of all time, it is surely my favorite to make. I keep making them for lunch over and over again. It’s a salad dressed in vinegar and topped with a poached egg. When you’re eating it, the egg yolk mixes with the vinegar and makes its own creamy dressing for the salad. It’s kind of a mixture between breakfast and lunch, and the addition of the egg to the salad is both easy and feels fancy. Plus the whole thing is low in calories. Here’s a recipe:
Bistro Salad


    2 Eggs
    Olive oil
    Cheese (I used a soft cream cheese broken off in chunks, but any cheese will do)

1. First, poach the eggs. Get a frying pan and fill it with water. Add about 2 Tbs of vinegar to the water. Heat it until it is simmering, but not boiling.
2. Carefully slide two eggs into the water. I do this by loading each egg into a tea cup and then sliding them carefully into the water. Let your eggs poach for about 4-6 minutes. Be careful not to boil them.
3. While the eggs are poaching, make the salad. Add lettuce, carrots, croûtons, and a little bit of cheese to the bowl. Mix the salad with the same vinegar you put in the poaching water. I used rice vinegar. Drizzle with just a touch of olive oil–remember, the eggs will make the dressing, so you don’t need much other fat. Add salt and pepper.
4. When your eggs are poached, the whites should be firm with some wobbling in the middle from the loose yolk. Pull them out of the water with a slotted spoon. Hold over the pan for a moment to let excess water drain off and then slide them on top of the salad, like so:
(Yes, this is the same salad from my croûton post.)
I kept this particular Bistro Salad pretty simple, but I often add other ingredients. For example, you might add:

    Fresh tomatoes
    Baby celery
    Fresh mozzarella balls

The key is to keep it fairly simple so that the egg remains the star of the dish. Even if you aren’t a fan of runny yolks, this dish might change your mind.

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