Best of the Kids Category (So Far)

So as I mentioned before, there are going to be a couple of changes around here, and all for the better of Savvy Housekeeping. The first of these changes is the new Kids category. As you can probably tell from the title, this category is for anything child or motherhood related. There are two major reasons for this:
1. I realized I already have a lot of child-related posts and it made sense to make it into its own category.
2. I am pregnant! Baby Savvy is due in May. So naturally, I’m going to be more interested in everything baby/mother-related and will want to share.
You can peruse the existing Kids posts by clicking here if you are so inclined. Here are a few that stood out to me:
savvyhousekeeping kids wardrobe
Turn A Wardrobe Into Secret Playroom
savvyhousekeeping kids kitchen
Turn An Old Nightstand Into A Play Kitchen
savvyhousekeeping kids toy
Have A Child’s Drawing Made Into A Plush Toy
savvyhousekeeping kids baby saving money
15 Baby Money Traps To Avoid
savvyhousekeeping cardboard box castle
Cardboard Box Rockets and Castles

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9 thoughts on “Best of the Kids Category (So Far)”

  1. Congrats! I’m also due in May/June. 🙂 I just “Stumbledupon” your site today and am looking forward to keeping up with it/you!

  2. Savvy!! I am so happy for you!! What a lucky baby to have a savvy mummy! I’ve been following your blog for about 2 years I think and you always make me relax when I read you posts. You are actually the ONLy blog I follow. I am a first time mother of a now 10 month old. Should you ever need advice from someone who never thought they were going to be a mum to someone now who loves being a mum, feel free to email me. Okay, I know you probably already get a million bits of unsolicitated advice already but I can’t help but try to be a good person and offer an ear 🙂
    Okay enough babbling from me 😉

  3. Wow- congratulations! Couldn’t happen to a better-prepared home-maker, to be sure! Best wishes as you think of more ideas and enjoy the journey. And I love the new design, btw- looks great!

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