Beowulf Sock Pattern

savvyhousekeeping beowulf sock knitting pattern
Oh man, the literary geek in me loves this! For $5, you can purchase a pattern to knit socks with untranslated passages from Beowulf on them. From The Sanguine Gryphon’s site:

Thus begins the immortal tale of the hero Beowulf, the bard summoning the attention of his audience. And so begin these socks, which give the text of the first page of the surviving manuscript, a copy dating to around 1000 CE. The writing flows from one sock to the other, so that you may read it uninterrupted. Wondering what it sounds like? Check out Benjamin Bagby’s amazing performance.

I realize that the market for socks with an 8th century poem knitted into them is small, but I am apparently part of it. [Neatorama]

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  1. Damn fine reason to hone my sock knitting skills…might take me years to finish one, or a pair, but it would so worth it! Those are beyond cool!


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