Basil Mojito

This week, the cocktail I did with Drink of the Week is on the simpler side. All we did was take a Mojito and substitute basil instead of mint. This changes the drink up quite a bit, giving it a light basil-y flavor instead of the more familiar mint.
We are enjoying a break in all the spring rain around here, and something about the green, crisp flavor of the basil combined with the sweet syrup, fresh lime, and lots of ice seemed perfect for springtime. Here’s the recipe:

Basil Mojito

(makes one cocktail)


    2 oz white rum
    1/2 c fresh basil leaves
    1 oz fresh lime juice
    3 Tbs simple syrup
    Club soda
    Crushed Ice


In a glass, muddle the basil leaves, lime, and simple syrup until the basil is thoroughly bruised but not pulverized. Pour in the rum.
Fill the glass most of the way with crushed ice. (If you don’t have a “crushed ice” option on your refrigerator, wrap ice cubes in a towel and hammer them with a kitchen mallet.) Pour in the club soda to the top of the glass. Garnish with a lime wedge or basil leaf. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Basil Mojito”

  1. Yum! This looks amazing!
    It’s autumn here in Australia, but i still wouldn’t mind trying this, considering our basil is still growing like crazy!

  2. Boldaslove: That’s great! It’s not basil season here in the USA yet, so I’m glad someone can do this right now without having to go to the store.

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