Bargains To Get Right Now

Although the last thing I want to think about is Christmas right now, the fact remains that this is the best time of year to pick up certain things for the holidays 2011. They include:
Wrapping Paper–Christmas wrapping paper is 75%-80% off right now. Every couple of years, I stock up on cheap wrapping paper by buying it in January. I try to find wrapping paper that can be used all year round so I can double the deal on birthday presents and other occasions too.
Holiday Decorations–Although they are picked over, this is a great time to shop for Christmas lights, ornaments, and any other holiday-themed decoration. You will be surprised what you find. One year I got a set of four nice wine glasses for $2 because they had the word “joy” on them.
Holiday Cards–Like the wrapping paper, holiday cards are also 75% off. I bought a box three years ago and am still using it.
Calendars–Finally, if you haven’t gotten a 2011 calendar, this is the time to do it. Calendars don’t have a long shelf life in stores, so it’s possible to get one that has been drastically reduced in price. The downside, of course, is that they tend to be picked over, but I find that there are still lots of designs available. Since calendars are sneaking up toward $20 each these days, getting one for $3 feels like a steal, don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “Bargains To Get Right Now”

  1. Great tips! Don’t forget to keep and reuse all those gift bags and boxes for next year! I havem’t bought a gift box or bag for like 3 years now due to reusing- and also making my own!

  2. Rob, great point. We’ve been passing the same Christmas boxes back and forth through the family for years around here.

  3. Lights!
    Now’s the time to get new strings of lights, if you need them. I replaced all my old strings-which weren’t LEDs-with LED string for less than $3 a string. I even found a couple of outdoor solar LED strings for the front of the house on for 1/2 price. Now Hubby has no excuse for not getting the lights up…before I got to hear all about running a cord to the strings. No more! 😀


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