Attractive Lawn-less Front Yards

In researching garden borders, I got sidetracked by this slideshow on Sunset about attractive lawn-less yards. Lawns take a lot of work and a lot of water, so I like the idea of alternatives. On the other hand, it usually looks weird when people skip the lawn and put wood chips or cactus in their yards instead. So it’s nice to see some alternatives that actually look better than lawns. A couple I liked:

The owner of this house in Seattle used a sod cutter to strip away most of the lawn (although she left some as pathways) and filled in the remaining dirt with perennials and shrubs. I like how this looks inviting, as though the yard wants you to take a stroll through it. A lot of people who do this make the mistake of planting too many shrubs so you can no longer walk through your yard.

Sometimes it’s a matter of picking the right grass for the lawn. This native grass needs less cutting and less water. My neighbor has a yard a lot like this and it looks a little odd, but friendly.

This Southern California garden uses a lot of contrast and variety to create something that works with the house. I have seen people without what I would call an “artistic eye” do this and it can look jumbled and strange, but this is a good use of different sized, well-placed plants for an overall effect.

I had a little trouble envisioning how this is a front yard until I saw the before shot. I guess there’s no reason the front yard can’t act as the backyard when it comes to relaxing and entertaining, especially if you put a fence up for privacy from the neighbors.

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  1. The garden with the outdoor fire element is a back yard garden in Venice, CA. It is a wonderful space, very cozy and comfortable. The front yard is filled with edible plants.


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