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Right now, one of my two cats is perched on my knee like a parrot. He’s somewhat traumatized because it’s trash day, which means it’s scary to go outside, and because my husband and I have been locking both cats out of the bedroom at night. It’s the cat hair–I have been restricting where they can go because they shed and I’m sick of hair on everything I own.
As I slowly kick them off of one piece of furniture after another, it’s becoming necessary to consider what they can sleep on. After all, they live here too. Luckily, attractive cat furniture is coming onto the market for the first time ever, as far as I know. I’m considering buying some but a. it’s extremely expensive and b. who knows if the cats will take to it? Still here’s a few I like:

Cat Interiors offers an array of attractive cat beds that I actually would put in my living room. Problem is, they are expensive. $576 Euros for this number above. I am cheap about my cats–I made them a scratching post out of free carpet remnants and scrap wood instead of buying one–so this kind of money it out of the question.
However, I gotta say, how hard can something like the following be to make?

Not all cat beds are this expensive. I like this $155 Pod Bed, but not enough to have in my living room. Still, I might put it in a corner somewhere:

But my cats are very social and would never go off in a corner to sleep, so buying that would be a waste. Along other lines, there’s the cat cave. There’s several versions of this on the market. It’s basically a cube or an ottoman with a hole inside for the cats to sleep. I liked this one that is designed to look like an old speaker:

This was sold at Scandinavian Details for $650. I’m not sure if it is still available. Again, I wouldn’t spend $650 on my cats, but this had me imagining getting an old speaker from a thrift store and converting it somehow.
Then there’s this ottoman from Cat Livin’:

Not bad, but $250 and doesn’t fit in with my decor.
Check out more cat furniture on this blog, Modern Cat.
If I found a piece of furniture that accommodated both cats, was attractive, and under $200, I would buy it. (I would probably make the $200 back in supplies and saved time from cleaning up their hair in no time.) Since that doesn’t seem to exist yet, I may have to make something.

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5 thoughts on “Attractive Cat Furniture”

  1. My cats don’t get to go outside, so I keep terribly unattractive cat furniture in my house so that they have something to scratch and play on. But my place is small and I am tired of how ugly it looks. (Also it is getting worn anyway) I am shocked by how expensive cat furniture is! The main problem with a lot of the attractive stuff is that there is nothing for them to scratch on. It’s a low priority now, but I also have my eye out for this. I saw something promising at Petco (for $350) but it was overpriced for how small it was. But it shows that it is becoming a more mainstream thing and the price may dip some.

  2. Yeah I know. They are crazy expensive. Now I’m thinking of making a cat windowbox underneath the living room window where their scratching post is. My husband isn’t that keen on the idea, though…

  3. Krista — I think that is the one we will be imitating in some way or another. Not exactly, of course. Just the idea behind it.


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