Apron Finished

So, as follow up to the post about Anthropologie Aprons, here is the apron I sewed this weekend.
savvyhousekeeping apron
First I looked on the web at some patterns, then I made my own pattern out of wrapping paper based on the fabric and the way I wanted it to look. I taped the pattern together and tried on the paper version to make sure that I liked it. Then I cut the apron out and sewed it up accordingly.
savvyhousekeeping apron
I like it. Really, the pictures don’t do it justice.
Since I already had the fabric, all I had to buy was some thread. The total cost of this apron was $.95.

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5 thoughts on “Apron Finished”

  1. Phew! Now I can relax- You got your apron! LOL Nice Job BTW! I remember making aprons in home ec class in the 9th grade! Of course I had a much more manly pattern to my fabric!

  2. Beautiful! Of course, good job on trying it out in paper beforehand. I remember a home ec project of shorts that went badly wrong because I didn’t prepare enough beforehand…;-)


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