Apricot Fizz Cocktail

savvyhousekeeping apricot fizz cocktail rum ginger ale
Here’s a new drink that I did with Drink of the Week. It’s made with apricots! We combined a particularly nice one with rum, ginger ale, lots of ice, and a touch of bitters. It made a lovely little cocktail that is light and refreshing for a hot summer’s day.
The most important part here, of course, is to use good ingredients. That means get a ripe apricot, not those hockey pucks they usually sell in the supermarkets. We also used homemade cherry bitters from the Drink of the Week website. I can attest that these bitters work well and are easy to make–just steep the ingredients in rye whiskey for 14 days.
savvyhousekeeping bitters cherry homemade apricot fizz cocktail rum ginger ale
However, if you don’t want to bother with that, you can use commercially available cherry bitters or regular angostura bitters. (Be conservative if you go with the angostura bitters, since it won’t be as sweet as the cherry bitters and you’ll want to use less.) Or really, you could skip the bitters altogether, but the cocktail won’t have as refined a finish. It’s up to you.
Here’s the recipe:
Apricot Fizz
(Makes one drink)

    1 ripe apricot
    1 1/2 oz rum
    1-2 dashes cherry bitters
    Ginger ale to top
    Apricot slice to garnish


In a cocktail shaker, muddle the rum and apricot. Add ice and shake thoroughly. Strain the drink into a glass. Add crushed ice on top of the apricot/rum mixture to keep the fruit from floating around in the drink and to make it extra cold. Fill to the top with ginger ale and add a dash or two of bitters on top. Garnish with a slice of apricot. Enjoy!

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