An Edible Living Wall

savvyhousekeeping edible living wall
I wasn’t that into this living wall trend until I saw this post on Jetson Green pointing to an edible living wall. From the site:

GreenScaped Buildings installed the green wall with 100% recycled polypropylene plastic modules, a Uni-Strut frame, and Netafim in-line drip irrigation. The result is a lush and massive wall — now about 120 square feet on the east facing wall — that protrudes roughly 15 inches from the surface. It grows lettuce, peppermint, celery, parsley, sage, and other edible plants.

savvyhousekeeping edible living wall
While I assume this particular wall is outside–it looks like it from the picture–a small home-sized version of an edible wall would be handy to have in a kitchen. Whenever you want a salad, just pick it off the wall.
The logistics of that would be pretty complicated, of course. Just getting the proper light to grow all these plants seems difficult. Still, an edible living wall would be a great thing to have on a patio or in a small yard.

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