Adam Savage's Toolbox

I really like the TV show Mythbusters, but I gained true affection for Adam Savage when I saw this talk about his obsession with building a replica of the Maltese Falcon. (See below.) It made me want to make something! And so does this post on Adam Savage’s toolbox. He goes over how he organizes it and tells how he made the toolbox itself:

I wanted to make an impression at my new job, so I spent an entire weekend remaking the bags out of aluminum. My supervisor suggested scissor lifts to keep them even with me when I was seated. He might have been joking, but I added them. The finished boxes housed everything I needed, but I repeatedly rebuilt the insides until finally no tool had to be moved out of the way to get to another.

There’s also a comprehensive list of all the tools in the toolbox.
The best thing about making things yourself is you can have them exactly how you imagine them, which is a lot of what Savage stands for. Here is the talk about making a model of a dodo bird and the Maltese Falcon:

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