7 Uses For Tonic Water

As I mentioned before, I have a bottle of flat tonic water in my fridge. I don’t want to throw it out, so I took a look around for other ways to use it.

Tonic water is different from club soda or seltzer water. Seltzer is water and carbon dioxide, the stuff that makes the bubbles. Club soda is the same thing with minerals added in.

Tonic water is different because it includes sugar and quinine, a substance that comes from the bark of the Cinchona tree in the Andes. Quinine is poisonous in high doses, but it

is also anti-malarial and known to reduce fever, which is why it showed up in all those old-timey medicines back in the day. Now we mostly use it for gin and tonics.

I say that because I’m not sure that you can always substitute tonic water for club soda in household uses. However, after looking around, I came up with seven solid uses that

I’m willing to try.

1. Fresh flower preservative

Mix one part tonic water with two parts water to preserve flowers. (Although I have a better way to keep flowers fresh here.)

2. Glow-in-the-dark

Tonic water glows in the dark when beside a black light. I can think of some spiffy party decorations you could make with this—put the tonic water in different vessels, maybe suspend something in it and make a kind of glowing lava lamp …

3. Cleaner

It can be used to clean glass or counters. Just spray and wipe down.

4. Stain Remover

Like club soda, tonic water should get out stains. Just dab on the stain and rub to remove.

5. Stop Muscle Spasms

Some lady on a forum said that when you have a leg or another kind of muscle cramp, drinking tonic water it will stop the spasm. Hmmm…

6. Rust Remover

Apparently tonic water can be used for loosening rusty nuts and bolts. Pour it on top and allow to soak.

7. Water Plants

For me, this may be the ultimate use because my tonic water is flat. Once it is flat, tonic water works as regular water on the plants, plus the added minerals and sugar is good for them. I’m not sure how the quinine will affect them, but it probably won’t hurt if I don’t overdo it. Who knows, maybe it will be good for them.

Any others?

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9 thoughts on “7 Uses For Tonic Water”

  1. If you have a UV light/blacklight why not use it to make glowing jelly, glowing icing for cakes or even see if it makes white carnations glow when you put it in their water (like the effect you get with food colouring).

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  5. The tonic water was recommend by my doctor for leg cramps. I tried it, and it does work. However, I found if I would just drink plenty of water during the day, it worked as good and tasted much better.

  6. My doctor also suggested it for leg cramps I get even though I drink a lot of water. I have two bottles, but can’t get over the taste. Simply awful. Not much of a gin drinker; any other ideas?


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