7 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

I’m in the early phases of planning for the remodel of my kitchen, which is going to be the big house project for 2014. It’s the last room of my house that still looks like the 1960s!
There are so many cool storage solutions for kitchens these days. Here’s a few I’ve stumbled upon:

1. Swing-Down Spice Rack. The spice rack looks like a drawer, and swings down when you need it for easy access.

2. Store pot lids on the inside of the door. In this case, they are held on with towel racks. I saw someone else do it with a metal magazine rack.

3. Put a narrow cabinet in to store cleaning supplies. I almost have space for this, but not quite.

4. Store cutlery in a shallow drawer above the dishes. This would make setting the table much easier.

5. Built in paper towel holder. Enough said.

6. Use a metal peg board and a narrow drawer to store utensils. You can hang from the pegs and use magnets on the metal.

7. A cabinet that allows you to sweep dirt down under the house. Imagine that, no more dustpans.

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