5 Ways To Reuse An Embroidery Hoop

Here are 5 Ways To Reuse An Embroidery Hoop:

1. Organize Your Sewing Supplies. Sew pockets onto the fabric and insert in a hoop to hold your sewing supplies. As a bonus, this is great decoration for a craft room.

2. Turn It Into A Laundry Bag. Tighten a draw-string laundry bag around the hoop and hang on a door.
savvyhousekeeping embroidery hoop clock
3. Embroider A Clock. Make any kind of clock you want by inserting a piece of embroidery, or just pretty fabric, in the hoop and attaching a clock mechanism in the back.

4. Make A Mobile. Suspend art or crafts from a hoop to make a mobile.

5. Use Them In A Drum Shade. With the help plexiglass and some fabric, you can use two quilting hoops to make a drum shade and hide an ugly lamp.
And you can embroider with them, too.

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