5 Things To Do With Stale Bread

Stale bread is one of those kitchen ingredients that can be used many ways. I never throw it out.
Here are five things to do with stale bread:
Bread Crumbs–Instead of buying them in the store, grind old bread up and store in the freezer until needed.
Make Croutons–Easy to do and great in salads.

Bread Pudding–Bread pudding may be one of the thriftiest desserts around, but it is also served in the fanciest restaurants. It all depends on how it’s made. This recipe looks good.
Make Ribollita–“A simple, earthy Tuscan soup made from whatever vegetable scraps and stale bread is on hand.” I’ve got to try this.

Make Bread SticksFrom Cooks.com:

Remove the crusts from any slices of stale, close-textured bread, and cut in strips about five inches long and one-half inch wide. Roll in melted butter and brown delicately in the oven, or fry in deep, hot fat without rolling in butter. These can be served with cheese instead of crackers.

What do you do with stale bread?

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5 thoughts on “5 Things To Do With Stale Bread”

  1. I feed the birds, LOL or make french toast with it. My favorite Bread pudding recipe is made with donuts, not bread. (Maybe that should be “Donut pudding?”

  2. I dry them out until very hard and then grind up in a food processor to make bread crumbs. With the crumbs I do alot.
    1. I add crumbs to hamburgers, meat loaf, or meat balls.
    2. I use the crumbs to make my own low sodium “shake N bake”
    3. to thicken soups
    4. I even found a cookie recipe on line that uses bread crumbs.


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