5 Things To Do With Jam

It goes to figure that the year I made my own strawberry jam, everyone decided to give me jam for Christmas. I prefer to use my own jam for eating on toast, crepes, and so on, but I still want to use the other jam up. So here are five things you can do with leftover jam:

1. Steel Cut Oats with a Jam Swirl
The Kitchenette suggests Steel Cut Oats with a Jam Swirl–cooked oatmeal with yogurt and a swirl of jam on top. I’m going to try this for breakfast this week.

2. Jam Muffins
This recipe for Jam Muffins looks pretty good. It is fairly healthy, as far as muffins go, and it uses 1/2 cup of jam.

3. Thumbprint Cookies
A traditional way to use up jam, thumbprint cookies like these from Ina Garten are a type of shortbread cookie with a dollop of jam in the middle.

4. Jam Tarts
Another traditional recipe, jam tarts are a lot like thumbprint cookies but bigger and with more jam.

5. Vinaigrette
Apparently, you can mix jam with vinegar and olive oil and make salad dressing. Here’s a recipe for red raspberry vinaigrette and another for strawberry jam vinaigrette. I have some sour cherry jam that may work great for this.
What’s your favorite way to use jam?

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4 thoughts on “5 Things To Do With Jam”

  1. I like that recipe (recipes) for the vinaigrettes. My favorite vinaigrette is to take the pickling juice left over from a jar of onions or strawberries that I pickled over the summer and save the vinegar juice they were pickled in to use a vinaigrette. But theses look wonderful!

  2. My grandma taught me to eat cottage cheese with a slather of strawberry jam. It is a wonderful treat and a great way to use up those little dibs and dabs of jam/jelly in the fridge.
    Really luxurious is a jam cake. Either the traditional spice cake with jam added to the batter or the European style of thin cakes interspersed with layers of jam.
    Now I have to go check the fridge to see what flavors are hiding there.

  3. I make peanut butter cookies with oatmeal and add a dollop of strawberry jam on top to make Peanut-butter-and-jelly cookies. I haven’t tried yet to make sandwich cookies out of the recipe, but jam-filled peanut-butter cookie sandwiches is on my list of gotta-try.
    Since Jam gets stickier and less runny when you cook it, I wonder if you could make gummies using silicone chocolate moulds and jam, just cooking it until most of the liquid is gone? I do know you can make fruit roll-up type snaks that way using parchment paper and a cookie sheet, then cutting it into strips. It is a lot of sugar for fruit based home-made rool-ups, but if you are using your own jam you’ve probably reduced the sugar anyway.

  4. Joelle, these are great ideas! I tried making fruit roll-ups with jam and it did work, but it was too sticky to give to a child. It tasted good, though.


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