5 Slippers Patterns

I’m playing with the idea of making slippers for family members this Christmas. Here are a few patterns that looked promising:

Chunky Knitted Slippers. Cute, and you can leave the pom-poms off if you want.

Rosie’s Slippers Pattern The pattern covers Childs, Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

Mary Jane Slippers. There are a lot of patterns for this slipper design on the Internet, but this one looks like it turns out well.

Cozy Slippers. If you can’t knit, these sewed slippers are pretty cute too.

Fox Slippers. These are my favorite. Instead of making the slippers, you buy a pair from the store, embroider the fox faces, and glue them on. Love them.
What’s your favorite DIY slipper pattern?

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