$5 Pizza Oven

I usually make my own pizza instead of getting it delivered. It not only saves about $20 a pizza, Mr. Savvy and I have gotten so good at making pizza that we generally like our homemade versions better than the ones offered at most of our local restaurants. (Plus we like to experiment with unusual pizza toppings.)
To make our own pizza, we invested in a $13 pizza stone–essential for making good crust–and a $10 pizza peel, which you need to get the pizza in and out of the oven. These two items have paid for themselves many times over in the $20-per-pizza savings, but Instructables has a way to save even more with its $5 Brick Oven. The concept is simple–get two unglazed ceramic quarry tiles and use them in your oven to reflect heat and make better crust.
This isn’t a new idea. I remember when Mr. Savvy and I were first learning to make our own pizza, Alton Brown on the TV show Good Eats suggested a similar concept. We looked around for some tiles but couldn’t find ones that were big enough or that we knew wouldn’t break from the heat, so we bought a pizza stone instead.
However, I still think the ceramic tiles would work. You just have to make sure you get a tile that is unglazed and can handle 500 degree temperatures before trying it. Also, remember to get it nice and hot. The instructions say to preheat for 45 minutes. And–bonus!–you can use it in making bread too.

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  1. I have been doing this for years, the little squares you can buy in home stores or tile shops are cheap and last a long long time. Also work in your toaster oven for garlic bread and mini English muffin pizzas or reheating a single slice without heating to big oven. I remember going to a Pampered Chef party and seeing the price of the pizza stone and wondering why anyone would want to spend that kind of money on something that could be made so much cheaper and with the small squares you have more options.


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