4 Clever Organizing Solutions

Here are a few clever organizing solutions I found while poking around the Internet:
1. Use a magnetic strip to store spices under the counter:

I’m not sure where this picture came from originally, but it’s a great idea. Install a magnetic strip under the counter and then attach jars spices to it for easy access. The only thing I would suggest is to not use glass jars because light breaks spices down and makes them unusable. Try a metal spice tin instead.

2. Use a pocket organizer for under-the-sink storage:

This idea is especially useful if your bathroom cabinet is an odd size because you can cut it to any shape. As an extra bonus, this post explains how to make your own pocket organizer instead of buying one.

3. Store wrapping paper on the ceiling of a closet:

Use the wasted space of the closet ceiling to store wrapping paper. All it takes is four anchors, some screws, and some glavanized wire.

4. Use a wooden dowel to hang spray bottles:

By installing a wooden dowel under your sink, you can hang all your spray bottles to get them up off the floor and provide yourself with easy access. Great idea!

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5 thoughts on “4 Clever Organizing Solutions”

  1. The gift wrapping paper solution is brilliant! Now I know how to keep my son from grabbing the rolls and using them as swords, destroying all of my paper. Thanks!

  2. Wow some of what seem just obvious ideas that just never spring to mind till you see them. I will be attempting a few of them. Tfs

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