3 Ways To Store Your Toothbrush

I think toothbrushes look better out of sight, but I haven’t figured out how to store them in my new bathroom remodel. In searching around, I came upon three DIY projects to store your toothbrush from The Family Handyman. You could:

1. Cut notches in the cabinet shelf and hang the toothbrush inside the medicine cabinet.

2. Use large grip-type clips to hold electric toothbrushes. These things:

3. Use a magnetic strip to hold toothbrushes. You do have to attach a magnet on the back of the toothbrush to get this to work.
Read more about these tips and others here.

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3 thoughts on “3 Ways To Store Your Toothbrush”

  1. I love that first one! I’m gonna have to try that one, because I hate the gunky cup on the counter. 🙂

  2. My parents have a medicine cabinet with built in notches to hold the tooth brushes. There are 3 slots on either side, so you can hold 6 toothbrushes. I think it’s pretty nifty.


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