3 Tax Day Cocktails

It’s tax day. You deserve a cocktail! Here are three Tax Day Cocktails to inspire you:

The Income Tax Cocktail. A classic cocktail with gin, two kinds of vermouth, orange juice, and bitters.

The Soother. Whether you’re traumatized by your payment or just from filling out all those forms, this drink, with both rum and cognac in it, will ease your shattered nerves.

Death and Taxes. Okay, with gin, amer, elderflower liqueur, vermouth, aromatized wine, and bitters, it’s a little complicated … but it sounds awesome.

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1 thought on “3 Tax Day Cocktails”

  1. Yay, tax day cocktails! Ha! Too bad we have to wait until after the trip to the post office with checks and forms–not to mention the whole day of work–before knocking one back. 🙂


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