3 DIY Advent Calendars

When I was a kid, the Advent calendar was the most exciting thing ever. The best was the year where my mom put a chocolate behind each day. Since I was already counting down to Christmas (what kid isn’t?), it was very exciting to get those chocolates, let me tell you.
If you want to start your own Advent calendar tradition, here are three examples you can make yourself:

Country Living has the great idea of making an Advent calendar out of matchboxes. With some hot glue and Christmas paper to decorate, each box becomes a drawer that can hold a treat.

Or you can make these pyramid Advent boxes like these from Julie Ree. She used to have her template up for sale on Etsy, but it doesn’t look like it’s available anymore. However you can get free, similar templates here or here. Fold the boxes, decorate, attach ribbons, and hang your own Advent calendar in the house.

In a similar vein, here’s printable Christmas stocking Advent calendar. Each one is made out of red paper, trimmed with white fake fur, and contains one awesome piece of candy, of course.

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