3 Clever Pre-made Food Ideas

One of the things that helps my life be easier is to make food ahead of time and store it in serving sizes. Usually this means dividing soup or an entrée into freezer-safe containers and pulling them out as needed. It’s frugal and saves time. Call it homemade convenience food.
Here are three clever pre-made food ideas:

Pre-made Freezer Smoothies. The Tidy Nest divided berries and frozen yogurt into serving-sized plastic bags and stuck them in the freezer. All you have to do in the morning is grab one and dump it in the blender for a quick, nutritious breakfast.

Pre-made Manhattans For Burning Man. Brady Forrest made 80 Manhattans and vacuum-sealed them in individual bags that could later be opened and poured into a glass. He even added a dried cherry in each one. A great idea for camping. (Note: Boing Boing is down to protest the SOPA bill. It will be back up tomorrow.)

Salad In A Jar. If you want to bring a salad in your lunch, keep them from getting soggy by layering the ingredients in a jar. If you layer it just right, you can make the salads ahead of time and grab a jar on your way out the door in the morning.

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3 thoughts on “3 Clever Pre-made Food Ideas”

  1. Love the smoothies- saves time and ensures that the frozen fruit I buy doesn’t go to waste if I don’t finish the bag.. which I sadly do a bit too often, thus causing me to give up buying fruit to have in a smoothie. Also, less time spent up front prepping fruit means I might be more inclined to actually clean the blender after I’m done..


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