2013 Garden Update Part 4

And now I am in the middle of harvesting the produce of my garden. Whew. What a lot of preserving to be done. In addition to freezing a lot of produce, so far I’ve made pickles, zucchini pickles, blackberry jam, tomato sauce, zucchini and cucumber chips, zucchini bread, chocolate zucchini cake, blueberry ice cream, various soups, and more.
Here is my garden tally, as of the end-ish of July.

    Artichokes: 6
    Asparagus: 15

I’m pleased with both of these, since they were new plants and I was lucky to get anything.


    Blackberries: 30 (still going)
    Blueberries: 757
    Raspberries: 1
    Strawberries: 60 (Still going)
    Currants: 2

Bumper blueberry crop this year. I made blueberry ice cream and gave the rest to Savvy Junior.
The strawberries are doing better since I dealt with the boxelder bugs.
I’m happy to get any currants since it’s a new plant. The raspberries, though… I don’t know what is wrong with them.

Crops That Are Finished:

    Lettuce (oz): 116
    Beets: 30
    Radishes: 57
    Pea Pods: 401
    Garlic: 5

I finally (!!) figured out how to grow lettuce. This was a great achievement for me. In the past, my lettuce has tended to bolt, but this year, I got it to grow big and form heads. Hurrah.
The biggest disappointment was the beets. The variety I planted was oddly flavorless. I’m switching to a different variety this fall.

Crops That Are Still Going:

    Carrots: 34
    Cucumbers: 445 (!)
    Beans: 281
    Tomatoes: 7
    Spicy peppers: 25
    Potatoes: 3
    Zucchini: 90

Cucumbers, cucumbers, cucumbers. So far I’ve pickled them, dried them, cooked them, eaten countless salads, and given away a bucketfull to an old-folks home. The plants are still producing.

I’m not sure I like multi-colored carrots. They look great, but don’t taste as sweet as regular orange carrots.
By using my outdoor ant trap, I kept the squash plants unusually healthy this year. My zucchini plants are slowing down, but still producing. Best of all, they aren’t covered with aphids and ants.

My favorite crop this year has been the dragon’s tongue beans. They produce a ton, taste great, and are so pretty.
The green beans did well too.

As usual, I’m excited about getting tomatoes.
Still To Come: Sweet Peppers, Scarlet Runner Beans, Melons, Winter Squash, Fennel Bulbs, Leeks, Figs, and Hops.

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6 thoughts on “2013 Garden Update Part 4”

  1. Wow, you’re getting a ton of produce, I’m so jealous! We got a late start on the garden this year, and we’re just now getting green tomatoes and tiny squash on our plants!

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  3. How do you trellis your toms? I grow two cherry toms plants for my daycare each year and end up losing alot of them to the middle of the plant which is so thick I cannot get thru. Also, your zucc, do you let roam or trellis. I am so in envy of your garden!! I have one raised bed (had two but cut back to one for more room for toys) I have grown carrots (not great) peppers, got a couple from one plant) herbs, radish, lettuce, potatoes (once)

  4. Erin, thank you!
    Yes, I let the zucchini trail out as it wants. I dig a pit around the center so that the leaves don’t rest in water.
    To trellis my tomatoes, I use four metal stakes that I insert in a box around the tomato. Then I string wire around the box. As the branches grow, I thread them through so they are propped up on the wire. It’s not an ideal method since I do have to really dig in there to get the tomatoes in the center of the plant, but I don’t know a better way to do it (yet).


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