2010 Resolutions

Here are a few resolutions I made to save money and be more frugal in 2010:
1. See how long we can go eating out of the freezer and cupboard before I have to do a serious grocery run. By serious, I mean more than four items. I will need to replace things like milk and eggs, but how long can I go without having to go full-on grocery shopping? I will let you know.
2. Pay off the student loan. I am still in debt for college even though I graduated 10 years ago. Can you believe it? Time for that to go.
3. Get a financial advisor. I need to fix up retirement savings and make other financial plans. I have been putting this off because, frankly, it sounds boring. But I need to do it, and so I will.
4. Use it or lose it. I am still on a tear where I use up all my craft supplies, read all my books, eat all my food (see above), and so on. Doing this frees up space and saves the items from becoming a waste of money. In general, my rule is: no new things until I use up the old.
What frugal resolutions did you make for 2010?

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4 thoughts on “2010 Resolutions”

  1. We’re keeping careful track of all money in and out of our household, from cups of coffee to property taxes. As this is our first year of marriage and cohabitation, we’re trying to get an accurate picture of the situation, and may discontinue after 6 months once things settle and we can set up some guidelines. This plays perfectly into my OCD tendencies as I gleefully collate receipts and create far too elaborate spreadsheets.
    I am also trying to use up craft supplies – a ‘yarn diet’ if you will.

  2. Anne, that is absolutely the best way to control your finances, (although it is a little labor intensive). Good luck!

  3. 1. Decluttering (papers, clothes, books)
    2. Out-of-town outing one weekend a month (justify that car)
    3. Find a doctor and stop dithering.
    4. Keep in better touch with far-away friends and family through consistent (or at least reaching a minimum per month) blog posts and actual letters (justify that collection of stationary and USE IT UP 🙂


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