10 Ways To Reuse An Old Bed Sheet

Last night while changing the bed, I noted that it was time to get some new sheets. This of course led me to think of what to do with the old bed sheets. Donate them? Turn them into rags?
But then I thought there had to be more options for recycling a bed sheet than that. After all, this is yards of perfectly good fabric we’re talking about here.
So of course I looked it up. Here are 10 Ways To Reuse An Old Bed Sheet:

Make A Teepee. This is a very cool project. Use the sheets to cover a kid’s teepee.
Use As A Diffuser For Photography. A diffuser evens out and softens light. Instead of paying for expensive equipment, many people use a sheet to do the same thing.

Turn It Into A Bed Skirt. A bed skirt is a good way to hide whatever is being stored under the bed, and this is a way to make one for cheap.
Weave Into A Rag Rug. Frugality at its finest: once a sheet isn’t good to sleep on anymore, turn it into a rug.

Make A Christmas Tree Skirt. This is an ideal use for an old sheet, especially a vintage one, like the one shown above.
Cut It Down To A Pillow Case. This is an especially good option if part of the sheet is damaged and the rest is still usable.

Sew A Cover For An Ironing Board. Make the ironing board look more attractive and protect it at the same time.
Make An Apron. Since the fabric of bed sheets is already past its prime, why not use it to protect your clothes while cooking?

Sew A Laundry Bag I have done a similar thing for my built-in hamper and it works great.
Make A Summer Dress. There are lots of examples of people making clothes from sheets, but a summer dress is particularly well suited to the fabric.
They only way people say to recycle bed sheets that I don’t recommend is to use them as drop cloths for painting. In my experience, the paint goes right through the cloth. So unless you’re using very thick sheets, it’s best to shell out the cash for drop cloths.

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4 thoughts on “10 Ways To Reuse An Old Bed Sheet”

  1. My favorite re-use for an old worn bed sheet is to use as weed block, or to keep soil in planters. Also Like to make shade coverings out on the deck- if sheet gets wet, shouldn’t hurt nothing!

  2. Those are some great ideas! Alas, my old bed sheets often end up out in the garden for frost protection…though I will admit to buying some at the thrift store to make clothes for my Kid. I have found some really pretty floral prints that make terrific outfits for her. And, sheets are so cool and comfy as clothes on hot summer days!

  3. I make purses from old clothes, and I use sheets to line them with. I also use old king sz sheets to cover my furniture to protect it from my dogs. You can also cut strips of old clothes or sheets about 2in by 16 in, fold in half and sew seam down ctr, leaving edges ragged (if desired) and fold and twist into flowers that resemble roses…


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