10 Ways To Reuse A Phone Book

Ahh, there it is again on my front porch: the phone book. Talk about an antiquated business model. I haven’t used a phone book for ages.
I tried to opt-out of getting a phone book, but the company wanted my e-mail to do it, which seemed like it was inviting even more hassle than simply getting rid of the phone book in the first place. So here are 10 Ways To Reuse A Phone Book:
1. Recycle. Remove the plastic and stick in the recycling bin. Done.
2. Fire starter. Like newspaper, you can use the phone book to start fires in the fireplace or a grill. You can even make it into a log.
3. Mulch. Some people use phone books as paper mulch, although I have had bad experiences with this method.

4. Make A Bow Topper. Great for a gift.
5. Use As A Cutting Mat. If you are doing projects with a lot of cutting, the phone book makes a good mat to absorb the extra cuts.
6. Make Paper Beads. Ever tried it?
7. Use In Paper Crafts. The phone book can be used for papier-mâché, oragami, or decoupage. Some people even carve it as a book sculpture.
8. Make An Envelope to send in the mail.
9. Use As Packing Material. Cushion packages using crumpled up phone book pages.
10 ways to reuse a phone book
10. Make a lamp like this one.
What do you do with your phone book?

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  1. I have made bows from old phone books, but usually I dump them in the recycling. Even afterregistering with the “Refuse the phone book” websites I still get some , although not as many and not as often


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