10 Fast DIY Christmas Gifts

Ahhh 10 days until Christmas. This month is going by so fast.
Although I have most of my Christmas shopping done, I still have to pick up a gift or two. But maybe I should make my Christmas presents instead. When you think about it, 10 days is a lot of time to make something, especially since the Internet is full of great projects to get you started.
Here are 10 DIY Christmas gifts you can make in less than a day, many of which I have featured on Savvy Housekeeping before:

1. Herb-infused Olive Oil from Kitchen Crush. These olive oils are great in salads but can cost up to $70 a bottle. Luckily they are easy to make–just combine nice-quality olive oil and fresh herbs in a pretty bottle and you’re done.

[Image courtesy Revivied Vintage]
2. Vintage Chalkboard Frames from Up In The Clouds. With some chalkboard paint, you can turn an ornate vintage frame into an awesome chalkboard. Perfect for the kitchen.

3. My post on turning a bar of soap into liquid hand soap can also make a great Christmas present. Julie explained how she did it in the comments:

I am so excited about this Ive decided to make it my Christmas craft and send it to all my girlfriends! I found nice glass pump dispensers online for 2.75$ each (Montessoriservices.com) then I had cute little Christmas labels made for .58 cents each (myownlabels.com) and I bought a cranberry scented hand soap at Marshals for 4.99$. I think its a fun festive and easy to make gift that all my girlfriends will enjoy and get use out of! Plus with ingredients and pumps labels and all I’m spending just about 4$ per gift! Cant complain about that!

Great idea!

4. Continuing on the soap idea, these homemade bath bombs are impressive looking. I haven’t made them, but they don’t look hard. You combine the ingredients and mold in round Christmas tree ornaments.

5. These Hearty Seed Bombs from Mademoiselle Chaos are really cute. Each heart is filled with flower seeds that can be thrown into ground. In spring, they will bloom and beautify the neighborhood.

6. Decanter Bottle Labels from Gave That.com are a great gift for a liquor aficionado. All it takes are miniature picture frames from the scrapbooking section of the craft store, chains, and some nice handwriting.

7. I like these Christmas Cake Plates because they use some common items you find in any thrift store–plates and candlestick holders–and combine them together into something people would actually want. And all it takes is a bit of glue.

8. Making a Toy Spaceship Out Of Junk is one of the more creative examples of recycling I’ve seen lately and would definitely be a one-of-a-kind gift for the kid on your list.

9. If you have glass cutting tools, making drinking glasses from a wine bottles (or soda or beer bottles) is a great present. I personally would love to receive something like this.

10. Finally, check out these Vintage Tin Candles from Design Sponge. There are lots of lovely vintage tins out there that can be turned into a candle to surprise someone this Christmas season.

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  2. Thanks for these terrific DIY gift ideas. I’m all about making hand-made gifts this year (including knitted ones) and have already put liquid soap in pretty dispensers and the candles in vintage tin ones on my list.

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