10 Easy Ways To Save Water

The other day, I boiled some pasta in water. The next day, I put a basket in the same pot and reused the water to steam vegetables. Then the next day, I dumped the remaining water on my nasturtium plant. One pot of water was used three times.
I live in California and have a big garden, so I end up thinking about my water usage. A dozen little water-wise habits here and there seems to save a fair amount on my bill. I’ve become “water frugal,” I guess you might say.
Here are 10 Easy Ways To Save Water:

1. Turn Off Water Between Tasks.
For example: when you’re brushing your teeth, only use the water to rinse. When you’re washing your face, only wet your washcloth. When you’re shaving, fill the sink with water and dip the razor in instead of running it under a tap. Changing these little habits can save you money throughout the year.
2. Put A Bucket In The Shower. While you’re waiting for the water to heat up, gallons of water are flowing down the drain. Catch the water with a bucket and use it in the garden.
3. Take Shorter/Fewer Showers. I take short showers (about 5-7 minutes) every two days, and it works fine. In fact, hair stylists are always comment on how healthy my hair is. Bonus: this not only saves me water, it saves me money on bath and hair cleaners too.

4. Reuse Pasta or Boiling Water.
Any water used for boiling, cooking, or rinsing can be used in the garden. In fact, some people say that the nutrients from vegetables/pasta/etc. that leeches into the water acts like a fertilizer. Just make sure to let the water cool completely before using.
5. Compost Instead Using Of Garbage Disposal. The garbage disposal uses a lot of water and energy. I use mine as a last resort, usually after I’ve composted what I can.
6. Run Full Loads In Dish/Clothes Washers. Make sure that your appliances are full so you get the most out of every wash. This saves on energy too.
7. Water The Garden Early or Late. If you water in the full heat of the day, half the water will evaporate into the air. Instead, water when it’s barely light and you’ll make sure the water gets on your plant, not the air.
8. Wash In A Bowl, Not A Tap. This is a new thing I’ve been doing: when you wash vegetables, fruit, or other food, fill a bowl with water instead of cleaning under a running tap. Then dump the water in the garden. No wasted water.
9. Don’t Water Your Concrete. When you use sprinklers, wash your car, or otherwise use a hose, don’t let the water run needlessly onto the sidewalk or driveway, where it will just end up in the gutter. A hose nozzle is your friend.
10. Reuse Linens/Dishes. Reduce the number of loads you run by rewearing gently used clothes or drinking out of a water glass more than once. Bonus: this will save on your energy bill and reduce clutter too.
How do you save water?

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  1. We use rain barrels to water our vegetable garden. We never water our grass (if you don’t keep it golf course short, it can handle hot weather better), and we have started using native plants in our landscaping, which require less water.


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